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Be a part of this kind of conversation!

Theory meets practicality in close up magic

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting and inspiring event.


Our Schedule

We plan for magicians!

Denis Behr (Opening Show)

Come help us kick off GGG with a bang. We'll follow the show by opening up the Sessioning Suite.

8/15/19 @ 8 PM

Session Suite

Meet and Greet - it's been a year, come say hi to all your friends - old and new!

8/15/19 @ Post Opening Show

Byron Opens

Byron Walker (the GGG dealer's room) will be available for book purchases. Come see what he's got to offer!

8/16/19 @ 12 PM

Mike Pisciotta

First Lecture

8/16/19 @ 1 PM

Daniel Garcia

Second lecture

8/16/19 @ 6 PM

Move Monkey - Attendee Performance

Time to go session in the suite!

8/16/19 @ 11 PM Move Monkey Time

Session Suite

Time to go session in the suite!

8/16/19 @ Post Move Monkey Time

Bill Goodwin Lecture

Third lecture

8/17/19 @ 12 pm

Michael Ammar Lecture

Fourth Lecture

8/17/19 @ 4 pm

Denis Behr Lecture

Fifth Lecture

8/17/19 @ 9 pm

Session Suite

Time to go session in the suite!

8/17/19 @ Post lecture 5


Our Speakers

Movers & Shakers

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Bill Goodwin

Coming Soon

Denis Behr

Denis Behr, born in 1980, is living in Munich and has been doing magic since he was eight years old. He published three books and a DVD set on advanced card magic and created the well-received online databases "Conjuring Archive" and "Conjuring Credits" for magic books and research purposes. He has been lecturing and performing in many countries and is regularly doing successful full-evening shows with only card magic in Munich's close-up theater.

In his lecture, Denis will demonstrate a variety of card magic from easy to not-so-easy, including brand new material from his latest book Handcrafted Card Magic 3. 


Mike Pisciotta

Mike Pisciotta is an acclaimed performer based in Los Angeles, CA and serves as the resident magician for the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Mike creates powerful, beautiful moments of mystery, and his performances leave the viewer with a profound sense of wonder.

Mike is recognized by his peers as one of the greatest performing magicians today, and is a two time winner of the prestigious "Close-Up Magician of the Year" award for the Academy of Magical Arts and the current “Parlour Magician of the Year.”

Michael Ammar

Michael Ammar needs no introduction. His name is synonymous with close up magic for anyone growing up in the 90s. His books -- including Success & Magic, Encore 3 and The Topit Book -- were foundational for modern close up magic. He has traveled to 52 countries - and in doing so, has instructed over 25,000 people in the theory and practice of modern magic.

He won Lecturer of the Year at the Magic Castle so many times they declared him ineligible to get it again. 


Daniel Garcia

Garcia has not created cold fusion, bested Chuck Norris in a nunchucks fight, used his Sharpie-catching skills rescue the people of a humble village.

However, Garcia has one of the most creative minds in magic today. His effects have inspired thousands -- he's made rubber bands, playing cards and dollar bills do incredible things. He has created card tricks performed by famous magicians, and has been a consultant for David Blaine. Fraud, Fallen, Guide to Loops, Ultragaff -- even the stuff that he says isn't very good is pretty effin' good.